How to identify and buy the right “The Pure Arabian Horse” – Here are its traits listed

this is one of the oldest breeds that exist. Its origin is in the cross between the horse of the South of Middle East with the horses of the north of Mongolia.
Most common breeding zone:
center of the Arabian peninsula.

The most appreciated today is the Kehilan, characterized by its average height.
The Hamdini is also highly valued, with larger specimens.
The Manegui type is the tallest and also the most slender.
Most remarkable ability:
Its enormous resistance attached to its great speed.
Ethnic characteristics:
Harmonious and agile comfort.
Strong and robust constitution.
Very long time.
Great fecundity.

Physical characteristics:

Height: between 1.45 and 1.55 meters,
Weight: between 380 and 430 kgrs.
Small head.
Wide jaws.
Ears short and separated.
Croup: wide and rounded.
Thorax: broad, with well-arched sides.
Muscular legs.
Color: although they can easily be found with pure black Arabian blood, the typical coat is gray, with the limbs in light gray color.

The only race that surpasses in speed to the pure Arab blood is the pure English blood.
The great resistance of this race is due to the fact that its selection was not made with regard to the races, but to withstand the harsh conditions of the desert.

Some mares have run between 250 and 300 km in two days.
They say that a Russian officer traveled with a 644-km Arab thoroughbred in just 5 days.