How to Pet a cat ?

The sense of touch is highly developed in cats and being caressed makes them feel calm and helps them release stress, plus it is proven that petting a cat calm anxiety and lowers pressure on humans.
How to pet your cat?

It is not complicated, but it is advisable to follow simple rules so as not to disturb them and make it a good experience.

Let me smell your hand Start caressing the head If you do not try to leave or show signs of aggression we can continue caressing the spine up to the tail and start again

When they ask for pampering?
When purring is a good time to start a pampering session If you approach and rub against us When you tap your head it means you want to be ignored

There are some moments when it is not appropriate to disturb the cat or areas that do not like them very much, you have to be careful with this if we do not want to take a snort.

Do not interrupt the cat when eating or grooming. If you show any signs of tension or aggressiveness (bristling hair, rapid tail movements, grunting) it is best to leave them not to caress them against the grain, it gives them repellence.
In addition, it is necessary to know that there are places that do not like anything that touches them. Give some clues …