Tips to protect your pet from fireworks

1. Please make sure your dog wears a collar with a securely attached ID tag and has your current data on it, look at the plaque now, can you really read what it says?

If your dog has no ID please take 5 minutes and buy one, it is relatively cheap and will help you in case you lose your dog.

Write on your necklace with an indelible pen or marker the cell phone number and its name.

2. Keep your dog in the house with you during the worst times, check your garden and keep the bars tightly closed. A dog under stress could try to escape the nervousness and panic in which it is.

3. Do not leave your dog in the garden unsupervised.

Dogs sensitive to fireworks should not be left out of the house.

Do not leave your dog tied outside your home as many young people come up with childish and cruel mischief with animals.

4. Never carry your dog or any animal where there are fireworks, it can be fun for you but for your dog it is stressful, so keep it away and safe.

5. Exercise with your dog, a long walk to get tired at night.

6.Close curtains or blinds to keep out visual reminders lights, etc.

7. Have some relaxing or family music instead of the TV (not too loud) to help block some of the noise.

8. Make sure your dog has access to an area where he feels safe – a lair that is away from the windows with his bedding, toys and a comforting familiar scent. Do not move your bed suddenly, if you are going to create a safe area in a specific part of the house, do these days in advance to give you time to adapt and become familiar.

9. Let your dog do his / her needs in the garden, under his supervision instead of taking him / her to walk during the hours of high pyrotechnic activity. It will be more comfortable and will not despair to pee when the noise intensifies during the nights. Offer a teddy or favorite toys or chew toys to distract; Give her something to do to relieve stress.

10. Make sure you have fresh water available for drinking and feed your pet a couple of hours before the fireworks to help you relax.

11.If your dog is affected by noise – DO NOT PUNISH.

If you go out and find that your dog has caused damage keep calm, DO NOT PUNISH him and put in order any damage that your pet has done. Have a cup of tea. It is completely useless to punish him, if you punish him at that time the bond between you and him will be affected and is likely to remain even more stressed.

Our first reaction to a nervous and anxious dog is to try to calm and caress him, which will lower his stress level because there is already a helping hand next to him.

12.Try to stay relaxed and optimistic – convey the message that there is nothing to worry about.