Why and when to Learn to ride a Horse ?

When do we start riding?

Riding is a pleasant pastime for everyone, but it requires not only physical but also mental effort. We must remember that part of the work is performed by an animal, a living being and this will not always want to follow our orders, we must take into account the element of uncertainty that can mean riding.

Some parents buy a pony and teach their children how to ride since they were very young. In England it is very common to see children in competitions from the age of three on the tracks.
These learn very fast playing, and of course, this is the best way to learn as long as they are guarded and carry the casquet, which is absolutely essential.

In the same way, you can start riding at any age. Horse riding does not respond to ages, just jump on a horse and start.

Where do we start riding?

Even if you have your own horse, it is advisable to start riding in a riding school, where there are suitable horses and ponies and qualified teachers to teach us properly and without any vices.

Some people find it easy to ride while for others learning is difficult. Balance and coordination are vital qualities. With a good teacher, it does not take long to master the principles of riding.

If we do not have a good school nearby, we can always start with a friend’s horse, but always teach us knowing what he does, helping us to climb, holding the horse and of course, if it is the first time we ride, the animal must Be quiet and sensible and not be afraid of strangers.