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Hello friends, in this video I will share with you the new web event “Yummy Barbecue Under the Stars” for Genshin Impact. We can get up to 120 primogems from this event.

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A dancing campfire by the seaside at night~ Hurry and come grill some fish with Shiki Taishou, Traveler!

〓Event Duration〓

November 1, 2021 – November 7, 2021 23:59 (UTC+8)

*Rewards cannot be claimed after the event ends. Please claim them in time.


Travelers who have reached Adventure Rank 10 or above can participate in this event.

〓Event Description〓

During the event, Travelers can obtain three kinds of materials by completing tasks: fish, firewood, and seasoning jar, which are used to grill fish. In the mini-game, the different doneness, seasoning, and selected species of the grilled fish will produce different grilled fish dishes, and increase your friendship level with Shiki Taishou. Unlock the grilled fish archive and accumulate your friendship with Shiki Taishou to receive event rewards.

〓Obtain Materials〓

Travelers need to complete the following conditions to obtain grilled fish materials:

1. Fish: A fish will be added to the fish basket every 6 hours, and a maximum of 4 fish can be stored. When there is more than 1 or 1 fish in the fish basket, you can click the fish basket to collect the fish. This will give you the material – fish. When there are 4 fish in the basket, the countdown timer will stop. After you click to collect the fish, the fish basket is emptied and the countdown restarts.

*The countdown timer for the fish basket will only activate after Travelers enter the event page for the first time and complete the game tutorial.

2. Firewood: Players can log in to Genshin Impact every day to complete the mission and receive 4 pieces of firewood.

3: Seasoning: Players can complete the following actions in Genshin Impact, such as:

Use 40 Original Resin daily

Complete 2 Daily Commissions daily

Use a total of 200 Original Resin during the event

Spend a total of 50,000 Mora during the event

During the event, share the event once to receive the corresponding amount of seasoning.

*Daily missions refresh daily at 04:00

*Materials need to be collected manually in the event page. Materials that have not been collected will also be reset when daily missions are refreshed the next day. So, remember to collect them!

〓Fish Grilling Gameplay〓

1. Each grilling mini-game requires the consumption of 1 fish, 1 piece of firewood, and 1 seasoning jar.

2. Travelers can select the fish species in this grilled fish game, and control the degree of doneness and seasoning on both sides of the grilled fish.

3. The choices that the Travelers make in the mini-game will have a certain effect on the final grilled fish dishes.

*When you exit the grilled fish mini-game halfway, the current grilled fish progress will not be saved, but the grilled fish materials will not be consumed.

〓Event Rewards〓

Shiki Taishou’s Friendship Level Rewards

Each time you play the grilling mini-game, it will increase your friendship level with Shiki Taishou depending on the grilled fish dish. New rewards will be unlocked when Shiki Taishou’s Friendship Level reaches 20, 300, 600, and 800.

*Rewards need to be collected manually. Rewards cannot be claimed after the event ends. Please claim them in time.

Archive Unlock Rewards

When Travelers grill a new variety of grilled fish, the corresponding grilled fish archive will be unlocked and you will receive Mora rewards. Unlock different grilled fish archives, and the amount of Mora that can be obtained is also different. After unlocking all the grilled fish archives, you will also receive Crystal Core Ă—10.

*Rewards need to be collected manually. Rewards cannot be claimed after the event ends. Please claim them in time.

*The in-game rewards will be distributed via in-game mail. The mail will expire after 30 days, so don’t forget to claim the rewards in time.

*This web event is provided purely for entertainment. It is not indicative of any related gameplay features in Genshin Impact.

>> How to install?
– Download, extract and run .exe file
– Check for updates
– Finish

>> How to Use:
Locate file egames.txt in C:/temp folder, open and follow instructions.


100 % Safe and secure

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By downloading, you agree that we are NOT responsible for anything that happens to your game or software by using NEW BBQ WEB EVENT (FREE 120 PRIMOGEMS) Genshin Impact News. Please download with responsibility.

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