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Kasper’s crack intro for Nightshade , cracked and released probably in 1986. This one has just brilliant scrolltexts – Kasper goes on about the local chaps, comments the game itself and provides a MikroBitti Question/Answer feature telling how Amiga games work on Sony Hitbit and so on. Very good scrolltext day! Plenty of good stuff to read and enjoy in the scroller! This intro was later translated into English and re-released as Byterapers intro.

Early demoscene/cracking scene crack intro, pre-Byterapers, Inc. This is an early example of the crack intros that were used by crackers to show “I cracked this!”. These crack intros became bigger, larger and more complex as time went by and evolved from just intros to small demos, then larger demos, then multipart demos and so on. Cracking, coding and hacking were very much the same at the time and some of the early crackers and hackers became skilled demo programmers as well.

During 1986-1987 Kasper, the coding mastermind, produced a series of “game intros”. There was total of at least 12 different game based intros. Some of those were later translated into English.

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Nightshade intro, by Kasper Systems.
Original Finnish version: unknown. 1986?
All done in the small place called Iisalmi, Finland
Game by Firebird 1985

Background story of these 1986-1987 era “game intros”:

Kasper was learning C64 assembler language the hard way during 1986-1987. He was programming his own tools and creating own module based hardware with the necessary tools burned into EPROMs. One way to use the skills was quite naturally both cracks games and do small pieces of programming. One way to be creative was to hack pieces of game code, learn how those worked, rip the music and graphics and create something new around those. Each new intro had some new effect(s) or a trick.
These intros were actually really nice for their time. They included such wonderful technical wonders like multispeed scrollers, variable font sizes and breakthroughs into the C64 borders. The intros were in Finnish language and meant primarily for the local friends, the few active chaps programming and hacking the C64, to show off new tricks and challenge others to do better. Friendly competition and barter, you know.

Some of these intros were later translated into English. While the early intros were made just for the fun of it, the local chaps were also slowly forming a team, a so called demo group. Grendel thought it would be nice to translate some of the Finnish releases into English, so those could be copied to our non-Finnish trade partners and maybe make some name and recognition for the group. So we could get some double use for the fun lil intros.
Some of the older 1986-early 1987 intros were first translated sometime late autumn / early winter 1987. A bit later more translations followed, now with the latest and best intros worked on one day in Kasper’s place. Kasper’s huge motivation on this task was a chocolade disc promised by Grendel for doing this.
There is no definite list of the translated or original Finnish intros at the time.
Feel free to check out the C64 releases from Byterapers in our web site:

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“The demoscene is an international computer art subculture focused on producing demos: self-contained, sometimes extremely small, computer programs that produce audio-visual presentations. The purpose of a demo is to show off programming, visual art, and musical skills. Demos and other demoscene productions are shared at festivals known as demoparties, voted on by those who attend, and released online.
The demoscene’s roots are in the home computer revolution of the late 1970s, and the subsequent advent of software cracking. Crackers altered the code of video games to remove copy protection, claiming credit by adding introduction screens of their own (“cracktros“). They soon started competing for the best visual presentation of these additions. Through the making of intros and stand-alone demos, a new community eventually evolved, independent of the gaming and software sharing scenes.”

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Pre-Byterapers Nightshade Crack Intro 1987 FinnishSuomiversio –
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Pre-Byterapers Nightshade Crack Intro 1987 FinnishSuomiversio –

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