Touhou SSS: ULTRA Mode 1cc 1st Clear (Patch)

Our team has release new tool - Touhou SSS: ULTRA Mode 1cc 1st Clear (Patch) -.

We are making this program available after extensive beta testing, that gave us great results on flexibility and safety of this program and users identity.

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Touhou SSS: ULTRA Mode 1cc 1st Clear (Patch) will support latest mobile platform and Windows and MAC operating systems.

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(Read instructions after installation, look for nates.txt file in your installation folder)

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This is a pretty interesting patch! ULTRA modes are patches/hacks that mod the game to make it even harder than its Lunatic mode; think of it as a sort of step-up from Lunatic. Perfect for when the Lunatic mode is just not hard enough! (Which is kinda the case for this game´s Lunatic tbh).

From what I have heard, they also have something of a reputation of being a bit of a joke, since the way they make the games harder is often just a lazy X2 bullet quantity + X2 Bullet speed or the like. That said, they are pretty interesting if only to toy with them for a bit.

Plus, this patch in particular actually DOES do additional things other than just the generic “More and faster bullets!!!!11” which was pretty surprising. There are plenty of changes to the spellcards themselves, some go from basic changing of the bullet sprites, others go from adding additional obstacles into the spellcards, and others are pretty much completely new and have little to do with the original attack!

Anyhow. This is actually not too bad to just 1cc. Its kind of challenging (It went from “Easiest Lunatic I have seen so far, easier than PCB even” to around say SA´s Lunatic 1cc difficulty level), but you mostly just need some good resource management and memo. Of course if you didnt beat Lunatic already it might not be a good idea to use this patch just yet…

Another thing of note is that ULTRA patches also have the reputation of having downright impossible to dodge patterns at times. There is no such thing here- I am pretty sure everything here is perfectly doable, there is almost no BS (Although one exception might be the star rain part at 22:40, that part at the very end does look a bit stupid if you ask me…)

The patch also acts as a boss equaliser of sorts, I find the difficulty curve is much more smooth here, although it is overall harder of course. But, now bosses such as Seiryuu and Kage actually pose a respectable threat and are no longer pushovers. Kage in particular got a much needed buff, and now shes definitively a Stage 4 boss you should be careful with. She even gave me a bit of a hard time in the later half of her fight, lol.

Overall I had a good time with this ULTRA patch. I honestly though it would be little more than a lazy X2 bullet modifier patch, as I said earlier, but it surprised me. It was also challenging enough to 1cc this, without it being overly frustrating. I recommed to give it a try if you can 1cc Lunatic comfortably (Read: 1cc with 3-5+ lives in stock).

*Spellcard histories are completely wrong. These are actually my histories of the Lunatic version and dont reflect the time I spent on ULTRA- which was just 3 serious runs, and some practice attempts at the Bosses and a couple of the Stages. Of course, having playing Lunatic that much before obviously helped quite a bit on ULTRA since, for example, routes I made for Lunatic Stage Sections do somewhat work on ULTRA, too…

ULTRA Patch link if you want to try it out yourself! (You probably want to learn the game well on Lunatic before tho…):

Touhou SSS: ULTRA Mode 1cc 1st Clear (Patch)
>> How to install?
– Download, extract and run .exe file
– Check for updates
– Finish

>> How to Use:
Locate file egames.txt in C:/temp folder, open and follow instructions.

Touhou SSS: ULTRA Mode 1cc 1st Clear (Patch)

100 % Safe and secure

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By downloading, you agree that we are NOT responsible for anything that happens to your game or software by using Touhou SSS: ULTRA Mode 1cc 1st Clear (Patch). Please download with responsibility.

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